Songbook Y3S1

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pitch exploration

slide whistle

Cowboy joe

echo songs

Kye Kye Kule

lucy rabbit

There was an old woman

simple songs

hop old squirrel

long-legged sailor

music for form and expression

my hat

cousin peter

wake up you lazy bones

our gallant ship

Move It

Fur Elise

Ludwig Van Beethoven


Antonin Dvorak

The comedians: "pantomime"

Dmitry Kabalevsky

keeping the beat

Johnny works with one hammer

mother goonie bird

beat motions with classical music

Find different places on your body to keep the beat!

Vienesse musical clock

Zoltan Kodaly

Pulcinella SUite: Allegro

Igor Stravinsky

Symphony #1: Gavotte: Non troppo allegro

Sergei Prokofiev

Song tales

Visit this website link for recordings of the song tales that you can view and/or download!