My name is Lauren Lierman and I am the Middle School Choir Teacher. I also teach a class called Creative Entertainment in Pop Culture, which is a general music offering for 7th and 8th grade. In my classes, students learn how to be lifelong musicians, through singing, instruments, and experiencing music. All middle school musicians are also invited to participate in our extra curricular competitive show choir, In Training.

<- This picture is from our December 2019 concert. During the introduction of the song "I Want to Stare at My Phone with You," I took selfies with the Sopranos! It was a hit!

Quick Facts about Lierman:

  • Teaching Facts:

    • Teaching music for 7 years

    • All of those years at AIS and AMS

  • My family:

    • Mr. Lierman, my husband (who also works in Altoona as a tech guy!)

    • Euphemia - our brand new daughter!

    • Jacey and Sarabi, our two cats

  • Favorite color: Blue and/or glittery/sparkly/shiny

  • Favorite Food: Pizza

  • Random Facts:

    • I really enjoy vintage clothing and accessories.

    • I am a sucker for bluegrass and bollywood music.

    • My dream is to one day own a hobby farm.

  • Favorite quote: "Some people dream of meeting their favorite musicians. I teach mine!"


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Creative Entertainment

Click the picture for lessons and resources!

"In Training" Show Choir

"In Training" is our auditioned, competitive, middle school show choir. It is open to all AMS students who are involved in a curricular music course (Band or Choir). For more show choir resources, click the picture!

Just for Fun

Here are some great videos with examples of choirs, soloists, and other fun, musical things. Just click the picture!

Star Wars!

Click on the picture for a ton of awesome activities!


Why do we use Italian words in music notation?


This music podcast has 10 HILARIOUS episodes. Take a listen, you won't regret it!

Visual Terms

Someone took the time to visually represent our music vocab! Click to see more!

WEst Side Theory

Some awesome music theory about the musical West Side Story!

Be Bach!

Read about Bach and use the Google Doodle to be awesome like him.

Beyonce is Opratic

Beyonce would be great at opera! Don't believe me? Read the article!