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Ed Sheeran Vs. Marvin Gaye

Katy Perry Vs. Flame

More Katy Perry Vs. Flame

Robin Thicke Vs. Marvin Gaye

Click the picture to read about Marvin Gaye's estate's copyright win. Be sure to check out the comparison of notation!


This is our tool for creating music and podcasts throughout the year. To get your class code, email Mrs. Lierman.

An Abbreviated History of Popular Music

Music Timeline

Take a look at this interactive music timeline. See what genres influenced the music we listen to today!

Civil Rights Music

Watch an entire concert of music that shaped the Civil Rights Movement. Influential artists of the movement, as well as today's popular artists, come together to present a picture of the music used to speak to the world.

Analyzing Popular Music

"Music that makes you dumb"

Someone gathered data of favorite musical artists and SAT scores. But does that really mean certain people are not intelligent because of the music they listen to? Or is there more to the story?

Max Martin

Click the picture to see this songwriter's info in the songwriter's hall of fame.

Max Martin's #1 Hits

Click the picture to see all of Max Martin's #1 hits!

The Four Chord STructure in Popular Music

Learn about four chords

Click the picture to learn more about the four chord structure in music.

Please be aware that there is some PG-13 language at the end of the "Pachelbel Rant." I trust that you will watch this with an appropriate audience and will not repeat these words/phrases! If you can't do that, don't watch it.

Hip Hop and rap culture

Hip-Hop and Shakespeare?

A great TEDx talk about how Hip Hop and Shakespeare go hand in hand.

The Hip-hop of shakespeare

MC Lars tells us more about Hip Hop and Shakespeare.

How to Write a hip hop song

Jordan teaches you how to write a hiphop song in 30 seconds!

Rapper's delight

The very first rap song! Listen for phrases that are still used in Hip Hop music today!

Own Light (What Hearts are For)

This song by Brother Ali is one of Mrs. Lierman's favorite Hip Hop songs. While listening to it, think about how the artist conveys his own opinions and beliefs in a constructive and artful way. Listen for some uplifting messages!


Use this app to make your own beats! Playing around with combinations unlocks bonus footage.

Cinematic Music

Everything you hear on film is a lie!

Here is a great TED talk about the beauty of cinematic sound. Guess what? Besides dialogue, what you're hearing in the movie was created and added after the fact!

The Magic of Making sound

Sound Effects in 'a quiet place'


In a movie, anything in the world of the movie is considered "diegetic." Anything outside of that world (ex. background music the characters can't hear) is "non-diegetic." There are variations, too!

Some variations:

Internal Diegesis - Thoughts/sounds in a character's head. They can hear them, the audience can hear them, but others can't hear them.

Trans Diegetic - Sound that starts as diegetic sound and becomes non-diegetic sound or vice versa.

Guardians of the galaxy

Here is one of my favorite examples of playing with diegesis and music. Notice how the initial music is non-diegetic: Solely the audience can hear it. There are diegetic sounds, but the music is the main thing that draws you in. However, when Star Lord puts on his headphones, the new music becomes diegetic, as he is actively listening to it, and so are we!

Music Changes Movies!

Here are a few examples of how music changes the movies we watch. Depending on the choices, the entire feel of the movie can change!

Star Wars: With Sound

Star Wars: Without sound

Music Video Production

Music Videos

Here are some great examples of music videos to take a look at and respond to, with some questions to help get you thinking.

Engineering a Music Video

This TED talk talks about the creation of a complex music video, namely "This Too Shall Pass" by OK GO.

OK go sandbox

Click the picture to access more music videos and fun from OK GO!

How to make a Storyboard


Storyboard Templates

Simple Arrangements of PopUlar Music

Call Me Maybe


All I Want for Christmas Is You

I Want It That Way

Parody Songs

Word Crimes

Too Late to Apologize

Tape & Glue

Hella Cravings