Welcome to the AIS music site! My name is Mrs. Lierman and I am the music teacher at Altoona Intermediate School! In my classroom your child will sing, play instruments, play games, dance, and learn how to read and write music! I look forward to helping your child become tuneful (I can sing in tune), beatful (I can keep a steady beat) and artful (I can show/use expression in music).

Quick Facts about Lierman:

  • Teaching Facts:

    • Teaching music for 7 years

    • All of those years at AIS and AMS

  • My family:

    • Mr. Lierman, my husband (who also works in Altoona as a tech guy!)

    • Euphemia - our brand new daughter!

    • Jacey and Sarabi, our two cats

  • Favorite color: Blue and/or glittery/sparkly/shiny

  • Favorite Food: Pizza

  • Random Facts:

    • I really enjoy vintage clothing and accessories.

    • I am a sucker for bluegrass and bollywood music.

    • My dream is to one day own a hobby farm.

  • Favorite quote: "Some people dream of meeting their favorite musicians. I teach mine!"

Grade Level Pages

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4th Grade

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5th grade

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Music Websites

Music Websites

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Just for fun

Here are some great videos for you to check out just for fun!

Marvellous Music Podcast

This podcast is full of great information about music. It also has a lot of jokes! It's almost as clever as Mrs. Lierman! ;)