K-5 videos

Some of Mrs. D's and Mrs. Lierman's favorite videos to share with our kiddos!

Full performances of professional groups

music at the watering hole

King of Africa, Kojo the Lion, was surprised when a box fell off a tourist bus and dropped a symphony of musical instruments near his watering hole. With a great love for music, Kojo decides to bring all of the wild animals of the Savannah together. Could these natural enemies learn to get along to become an orchestra? And just what would they play?

Peter and the wolf

Listen to the themes for each of the main characters!

Do you hear the oboe? clarinet? french horns? strings? kettle drums?

The Composer is Dead

Author: Lemony Snicket

Illustrator: Carson Ellis

Composer: Nathaniel Stookey

Can you figure out who is guilty in this musical mystery?

young person's guide to the orchestra

Go the the website links to play a game that goes with this piece of music.



Conducted by John Williams!

ohio state marching band disney show

Marching Band + Disney = Awesome!

what makes you beautiful

Piano Guys: 5 guys, 1 piano

1812 overture

Did you know that cannons can be a percussion instrument? Tchaikovsky thought so!

flight of the bumblebee

Played on the piano with an added light visual!

flight of the bumblebee

Performed by Canadian Brass

16 year old pianist

At 16 years old, Alexey Romanov is a celebrated pianist across Russia and he was born with no fingers.

Lucky Chops on the NYC subway


bobby mcferrin plays the audience


Performed by the Drakensburg Boys Choir from South Africa

ring of fire

Performed by Home Free


A great version of a classic Korean folk song!

nessun dorma

sung by Luciano Pavarotti

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Performed by Pentatonix

circle of life

performed by the cast of the Lion King on Broadway


Indian folk song

Talented Kids

Heal The World

5 year-old jordan

Kindness is a muscle - aES

Let It go

You Can BE Rap

I wish you love

Claire Crosby


Performed by PS22 Chorus

Laurie Berkner Band

Some fun movement songs!

The goldfish

I know a chicken

We are the dinosaurs

Somos los dinosaurios

Line Riders

DoodleChaos uses line rider to move to classical music!

dance of the sugar plum fairy

The hall of the mountain king

Beethoven Symphony #5

William tell overture

About Music

The power of the pentatonic scale (Do, re, mi, so, la)

how to read music

5 minute video on the basics of music notation

The Tuba Virtuoso

music and the brain

Just for fun!

and because we can :)

home free beat boxer

Can you believe that all of these sounds are made with his mouth?!

let it go with disney voices

these impressions are spot on!

Sesame street theme

Performed on classroom instruments

Recorder Beatboxing

A little extra fun with the recorder!


A classical piece of music, but instead of piano, its being performed by cats and farm animals!

Baby on recorder

Ode to joy

Performed by Beaker from the Muppets!