Pasta Feed Performances

Thank you for supporting our music program! Please enjoy these assorted student performances during your meal!

All small group and solo performances were selected, prepared, and recorded exclusively by our students!


All star

Students from Mrs. Misch's class perform on Boomwhackers and drums to accompany Smash Mouth's All Star. The video they followed was created by Swick's Classroom.



9th grader, Rebecca, plays a tango she has been working on for upcoming performances. You may recognize Becca from our concerts, where she has frequently accompanied our choirs!

This Land 2021.mp4

This land is your land

AES performed this song for the Veteran's Day assembly last fall.

Hey There Delilah.mp4

Hey There delilah

8th grader, Remi, sings Hey There Delilah by Plain White Tees.


Chamber choir

Altoona High school is currently working on music for the Spring Festival Concert. Here's a sneak peek at Non Nobis Domine, by Rosephanye Powell.

Easy On Me.mp4

Easy on me

7th graders Ellisha and Madison sing Adele's Easy on Me.

Hanging Tree.mp4

Hanging tree

6th graders Ari, Riley, Rylee, Xeva, and Layla perform this song from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

We Don't Talk About.mp4

We Don't talk about bruno

This catchy song has taken the world by storm, even surpassing Let It Go! Featuring students from Mrs. Smith's 4th grade class, Mrs. Statz's 4th grade class, and Mr. Henrichs' 5th grade class, this arrangement uses Boomwhackers and features several soloists!

Material girl

8th graders Miriam and Aubrey sing Madonna's Material Girl.


I hate glockenspiels

9th grader, Seth, plays an original piece of piano music titled "i hate glockenspiels." In addition to piano, Seth is our show choir guitarist. He has also wowed audiences with his performances of ukulele!

Fiddlers Playing.mp4

Fiddlers Playing

From last spring's virtual music program at AES!

All That glitters is gold

In Creative Entertainment, students have been making music videos! 8th graders Sandy, Makiah, Riley, and Kaylee edited this music video after storyboarding and filming it!

O Colored Earth.mp4

O colored earth

This is a preview of a song for our spring concert! The Monday/Wednesday section of 6th grade choir learned the basics of this song in just about three class periods. We will continue to refine our artistry for our upcoming concert on May 16th.

Fireflies FINAL.mp4


From last spring's virtual AES program!

Heart of Stone.mp4

Heart of Stone

7th grader, Amina, sings this beautiful song from Six: The Musical. This song is written from the perspective of Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry the Eighth.

Over the Rainbow

7th grader Meg and her mom (7th grade teacher AND Music Booster parent!) Tammy



6th graders Ari, Xeva, Layla, Reese, Amara, Jadah, Ashlyn, Mattie Jo, and Rylee perform Vance Joy's Riptide.


Who's that understudy?

A throwback from 2018! During a mic check at the Music Booster's Valentine Dinner, a rap soloist was gone. See who stepped up to understudy the solo!