Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you!

John Williams is an american composer who has written some of the most famous film music of all time! In my classroom (Mrs. D) I always take May 4th to talk about the music from Star Wars. Since I won't be with you all this year I put together some resources for you here!

jedi drayton

jedi lierman

Youtube Links

Cello Wars

Throne Room and Main Theme

Performed by an orchestra in Poland.

Star Wars theme

Line Rider

John Williams is the Man

Acapella mash-up of many of John Williams' more famous movie music with words about Star Wars

Jimmy Fallon Star wars medley

Jabba Flow: live

Lin-Manuel Miranda performs the song that he wrote for Star Wars, "The Force Awakens."

Jabba Flow: movie clip

duel of the fates

Duel of the Fates Move It!

Shared by Dr. Strong! This will only be up for a week and is only for student use!

Rhythm Wars

Quarter note (du) and Eighth notes (du-de)

BB-8 vocal exploration

R2D2 vocal exploration

The Happy march

Someone changed The Imperial March to sound happy instead of scary!

About John Williams

How John Williams Changed Movie Music Forever

Great video on the impact that John Williams has on movie music. This video is better for 3rd grade and up!

Episode 10: John Williams and the chamber of Star Wars

20 minute podcast for kids about John Williams and his film music.

John WIlliams music quiz

Can you match the John Williams' music to the movie?

Interactive Activities

Star Wars Theme

Click the picture above to listen to the Star Wars theme in Chrome Music Lab. Once you are there you can add percussion to the track and change the instruments!

Thanks Midnight Music for the lesson plan!
Star Wars Pitch Exploration

Star Wars Vocal Exploration

Follow the path of Yoda and other characters from Star Wars with your voice.

Star Wars - treble clef Color by Note

Star Wars character themes

A leitmotiv is a short melodic fragment that a composer uses to remind us of a character, an emotion, or a dramatic moment. Learn more about the leitmotivs used for characters in the Star Wars movies

How Music Changes Movies - with Star Wars

Star Wars - With music

Just like the movie!

Star Wars - without music